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Friday, November 26, 2010

Get Rid of Hacking

If you want to save yourself from being hacked you must know how to hack.I am going to tell you some easy ways of hacking.As I have not much time now I am gonna tell you about one this time.

Key logging
Key logging is a very easy way of hacking.There is a lot of key logger softwares. These softwares work like spy.Key loggers help you to create spy ware viruses.You fix your email in the spy ware and fix a time for the key logger to inform about the victims PC.For Example:If you fix 1 hour time,the key logger will email you from the victims computer after every one hour. Then you may bind it with a video,music file,picture or any other file by using binder softwares.Then you send it to victims email address.If he/she opens the file the key logger will be installed in his/her PC.When he or she write the email and password in his/her web browser the key logger will read it and send it to your email address.You may think how they work.Every PC has a mailer.You may send fake mails using your PC.Most of the key loggers use this facility called telnet.

Possible Solution:

Key loggers are not that difficult to prevent.When you download a file from Internet you must check it if it is virus free.Recheck the file again after download.Good anti-viruses catch key loggers easily.

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